Patrimonio Milano USA is high-end, made-to-order furniture, remodeling, and design company in Dallas, Texas. For almost thirty years, we have provided unmatched designs and furniture for the discerning clientele all over the world, as we still do. We specialize in European handmade modern and mid-century furniture and designs; as well as bespoke remodeling services.

Our philosophy is design and craftsmanship, and we believe that beautifully designed furniture and homes must be of superb quality and up to the highest standards. Our furniture is entirely European made; which results in exceptionally made and truly luxurious furniture. We also provide design and remodeling services for upscale, high-end, modern, and mid-century homes in the Dallas-Fort Worth area through our uptown Dallas office.

We can accommodate large orders for large businesses like upscale hotels and offices, and we welcome clients to visit our Manufacturing facilities in Europe to take a look at our production process and high standards of production.

We have exported our furniture to over 15 countries in Europe, North America, Asia, and the Middle East; and we welcome clients from all over the world. Our clientele ranges from luxury hotels, businesses, mansions, upscale homes, as well as condominiums and apartments.

Our United States branch is an appointment only, an order-by-catalog concept in which we showcase the materials, and you order from the selection of our catalog. It typically takes 12-16 weeks to produce and deliver orders.

You may contact us via phone or E-Mail to request an appointment; alternatively, you may request for a representative to visit you in the comfort of your home to showcase our product catalog, showcase the materials and the samples; and explain how we can tailor our products to your specific needs.